The Canyons of San Diego - City of San Diego Dept. of Parks & Rec
Recreational Opportunities at Mission Trails Regional Park (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Mission Trails Regional Park Offer many opportunities for outdoor recreation.
In this video we take a look at rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Inter-Agency Partnerships Support Resource Management (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Otay Valley Regional Park is within the Otay Valley River Watershed which connects neighborhoods, trails, habitats, wildlife, and people in the larger web of life. Join the effort to keep your open space for future generations.
Discover Trails in Your Own Backyard (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Learn about San Diego's multi-use trail system and how new trails are being created.
This trail system is managed and maintained by Park Rangers and City planners who also work with the California Conservation Corps to construct trails for public use and enjoyment.
Wildlife Corridors (View in HD)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
San Diego is home to many wildlife species that rely on core biological areas for their existence. These areas are known as wildlife corridors. The San Diego tracking team conducts tracking surveys on these animal species and provide that data to Park Rangers.
Five Habitats of San Diego (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
There are five major habitats in San Diego and all can be discovered at Mission Trail Regional Park. Each of these habitats represent a diverse plant community with unique characteristics and functions that when combined create a complex ecosystem.

The Goldspotted Oak Borer Infestation (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
California Oak trees are becoming infested and dying at a devastating rate in areas of San Diego County. The public is encouraged to become part of the Citizen Scientist group to help detect these early signs of infestation and report findings.
Wildlife Corridors
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Vernal pools are most threatened by lack of public awareness about their existence in San Diego. Learn about the fascinating life of vernal pools and how to protect them.
(View in HD)

Connecting Children to Nature  (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Children are happier, healthier, and smarter when they are free to play in nature. Discover Family Nature Clubs and the San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative and what it means to engage your children and family in nature. It’s free!

Native Americans & Nature, Tecolote Canyon (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Native Americans have lived in the San Diego region for over 12,000 years. Descendants of these cultures endeavor to pass on the teachings of respect and reverence for mother nature and the natural world we all share.
MSCP and the Ranger Program (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
The MSCP staff, the biologist, and City Park Rangers compile and exchange data on use patterns by humans and wildlife to determine the best management strategies.
Urban Encroachment & Invasives in LPC (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
Set in Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, in San Diego, California, The focus of this film is on the negative impacts of invasive plants to the native habitat, wildlife, and people.
Stewardship at Mission Trails Regional Park (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
This 3 minute film is set in Mission Trails Regional Park with a focus on stewardship as demonstrated by two established volunteer groups; the Trail Guides and the Volunteer Patrol.

Navajo Canyon Habitat Restoration (VIEW)
City of San Diego - Parks & Recreation
See the impact you can make by volunteering in your City’s open space canyon areas. These open space canyon area part of a vast system of canyons all throughout San Diego and are a rich natural resource for recreation, nature study, and general public enjoyment.

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