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Photographer/Filmmaker, Jim Karnik has produced hundreds of short films for non-profit organizations and businesses. Specializing in eco-tourism and green business, Jim is offering a new selection of affordable 1-3 minute video production and distribution packages that promote wineries and related travel, products and services.

Through creative photography and on-location interviews these films will reveal the essence and character of a vineyard, including what each vineyard offers in the way of scenic views, tasting rooms, the unique personality of the owners, the wines, and the total experience. The end result provokes a natural curiosity in the viewer – enticing them to visit the featured wineries. Called Backroad Wineries and Travel, the videos will focus on the interesting stories behind the wineries as well as their efforts to be a eco-friendly, sustainable vineyard.  The wineries may be small boutique vineyards that many people may have never heard of or larger more well-known wineries off of the beaten path.

All the videos in the Backroad Wineries and Travel series will be distributed online through YouTube, Vimeo and on where each winery will have a custom web page with links to their website. Through these video sites and on-going social media promotion, people can learn about wineries from the comfort of their home computer or use their iphones and tablets while traveling to explore wineries and links to maps. Not only will these professionally produced HD videos be distributed online but clients can also feature them on their website, at promotional events and in their tasting room.

Video Production Packages
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