Web Film Production / Distribution Packages
Online Video or Web Films provide a creative low-cost tool that can help you achieve your promotion, education and fundraising goals through internet distribution, social media and community outreach events. A Web Film Series has additional benefits. A series draws people back to your site to view the latest segment. Each segment can focus on a different topic, location or be part of a continuing story. 

All Web Film production & on-line distribution packages include:
  • Pre-production planning and scripting assistance
  • High Definition location production
  • High Definition editing of 1-3 minute mini-documentary
  • Encoding & formatting of final edit for online distribution
  • Uploading your video to social media sites for viewing, sharing and embedding
  • Creation of a web page with your embedded video, related text and links on fieldnotes.com
  • On-going promotion of all web films on fieldnotes.com with links to your site.
New Rate Sheet Includes a 30% Discount!

Updated 10/2016 (Prices subject to change without notice).

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