Backroad Wineries and Travel is a collection of short films produced for wineries and related products and services. Many of these vineyards not only offer fine wines but also a unique opportunity to explore and experience the beautiful back county of  wine regions throughout the world.

Collection Description

Through creative photography and on-location interviews these films reveal the essence and character of a vineyard, including what each vineyard offers in the way of scenic views, tasting rooms, the unique personality of the owners, the wines, and the total experience. This video collection focuses on interesting stories behind the wineries as well as their efforts to be a greener and sustainable vineyard.  Wineries may be small boutique vineyards that many people may have never heard of or larger more well-known wineries off of the beaten path.

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Backroad Wineries Film Collection

Promoting Eco-Travel
From the beginning Jim Karnik Films has focused on nature conservation programming. When possible we use outdoor recreation as a way to convey a conservation message or increase awareness of beautiful wild places, enticing people to explore them on their own.

Getting to these wild places can be half the adventure and
Jim Karnik Films is now expanding production to include travel locations, products and services. From cinematic montages of parks and reserves to informative and entertaining videos about travel destinations, we are creating films to inspire your travels.

Production Packages
Interested in having a Backroad Wineries and Travel video produced on your winery or related service? Not only will these professionally produced HD videos be distributed online but they can also presented on your website, at promotional events and in your tasting room.
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