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Environmental Portraiture uses natural and artificial light to capture creative images of people doing what they love to do
, whether sports, recreation, art, music, career or communing with nature.

I am working on a new photography project that focuses on outdoor and eco careers. This portrait series profiles individuals involved in nature conservation careers such as a ecologist, biologist, botanist, geologist, park ranger, nature guides or working in eco-tourism or for a conservation organization. The photo series will be featured through an online portfolio with the goal of inspiring people to pursue careers in nature conservation and related sciences. The images will include a personal bio of the subject and what inspired them to choose their career path.

These Environmental Portrait sessions are photographed on-location using natural and artificial light to capture the essence of an individual doing what they love to do. The images tell a story and include natural landscape and tools of the trade.

Inspired by serigraphs (silk screen prints) of the early 1900's and the Arts & Crafts movement, I have created a series of digital serigraphs of beautiful natural landscapes and exotic locations from my travels. This site will also focus on other photo and video services including Environmental Portraiture.

Documenting conservation and environmental projects with professional still photography can have a tremendous impact when it come to telling your story. Covering travel and outdoor recreation