The Wilds of California

A Photography & High Definition Film Project Promoting the Natural Diversity of California and recognizing the conservation organizations the preserve and protect them.

The Wilds of California is a celebration of the beauty and natural diversity of California's wild places. Many of these natural areas would not exist if concerned and dedicated individuals and groups did not work to preserve and protect them. This collection of short wild place vignettes is a powerful effort to increase public awareness of California's rare and endangered flora and fauna.

The ultimate goal of this project is to reach as large an audience as possible using on-line video distribution, social media and traveling exhibits. 

Have Questions - Call 760-525-6045 for additional information and options on supporting this special project.

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Interested in having a
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Filming the Wilds of California - Blog
Through this blog I post production field notes, Information about habitats & species, supporting organizations, and wildlife filming.

New Digital Serigraph Series
Inspired by serigraphs (silk screen prints) of the early 1900's Arts & Crafts movement, I have created a series of digital serigraphs of beautiful natural landscapes and exotic locations from my travels. (VIEW SERIES)

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