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The goal of the Project is to implement components of the South Orange County IRWM Plan.  The South Orange County IRWM Plan covers the seven (7) southern watersheds (also known as the San Juan Hydrologic Unit) in Orange County.  The Project includes the implementation of nine (9) components of the IRWM Plan.  The participating agencies have consented to implementing their respective components by signing an Implementation Memorandum of Understanding with the County of Orange.  The County of Orange is responsible for the overall IRWM Project administration.  The County of Orange will consolidate items for review, reporting, invoicing, and inter-agency coordination.

El Toro Water District, Recycled Water Distribution System Expansion
The work of component eight (C8) consists of constructing a new recycled water distribution system in the El Toro Water District Service Area.  The new distribution system will provide service to as many as two hundred (200) water meters and will include approximately one hundred thousand (100,000) linear feet of four inch (4”) to twenty inch (20”) distribution piping.  The sub-grantee has applied for an SRF loan under CWSRF Project No. C-06-5006-110.

City of San Juan Capistrano, Ground Water Recovery Plant, Recycled Water, and Non-Potable Water System Improvements
The work of component five (C5) of the Project will construct one (1) new non-potable well, refurbishment of two (2) existing non-potable wells, expansion of the City’s Ground Water Recovery Plant, installation of a Granulated Activated Carbon Treatment System, installation of back-up emergency power for the water system, recycled water connections, ,  and  two (2) pipeline projects totaling approximately  eleven thousand nine hundred and thirty (11,930) lineal feet.

Santa Margarita Water District, Canada Gobernadora Multipurpose Basin
The work of component two (C2) of the Project consists of the construction of two (2) basins located adjacent to Canada Gobernadora on approximately thirty (30) acres in accordance with the final plans and specifications.  The upper basin will be divided into a series of smaller basins and planted with wetland vegetation for treatment of urban runoff and low flows.  The lower basin will be developed for storage of storm flows, which exceed the capacity of the upper basin to reduce the peak runoff from Coto de Caza.  Additionally, the construction will consist of flow diversion facilities, basin inlet and outlet works, dewatering wells and low-flow pump stations and piping for re-use.

South Coast Water District, Aliso Creek Urban Runoff Recovery, Reuse, and Conservation
The work of component nine (C9) consists of recovering urban runoff water from Aliso Creek under Division of Water Rights Permit No. 21256.  The component will include the planning, design, and construction of the eight hundred thousand (800,000) gallons per day (gpd) water treatment facility that will be blended with existing reclaimed water and used for irrigation purposes.

City of San Clemente, Recycled Water Treatment and Distribution
The work of component six (C6) of the Project will expand the City’s recycled water system, to include approximately two and two tenths (2.2) MGD treated recycled water treatment expansion, new two tenths (0.2) million gallon (MG) reservoir, conversion of two (2) MG reservoir to recycled water use, distribution pump station, one (1) pressure reducing station, interconnections, five (5) pipeline transmission main segments totaling approximately forty eight thousand (48,000) linear feet, in accordance with the final plans and specifications.  The sub-grantee  obtained an SRF loan under CWSRF Project No. C-06-4516-110.  Grant funds will provide partial funding for construction of the reservoirs, pressure reducing station and pipelines which are scheduled to complete construction by March 31, 2014.  Construction for the recycled water treatment expansion and distribution pump station are planned to be funded from the SRF loan and the City funds and scheduled to complete by late 2014.

County of Orange, Aliso Creek Environmental Restoration
The work of component seven (C7) in Phase 1 consists of invasive plant species removal and habitat restoration in Aliso Creek and on the Mathis Canyon Trail within the Aliso Creek Watershed area of Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.  The removal of invasive species will allow existing native trees and other vegetation that is currently crowded by the Arundo to be introduced.  Native tree canopies will increase shaded areas along the creek that result in long term aquatic benefits resulting from providing cooler habitats.  The outcome of the invasive plant removal will be increased wetland and riparian habitat and improved water quality.  The Mathis Canyon Trail restoration will include relocation of the existing trail to allow for slope repair and to avoid further erosion to the creek.  The area will be revegetated with native vegetation upon completion.

City of Laguna Beach Heisler Park Marine Habitat Protection Project
The work of component three (C3) of the Project will complete construction at Heisler Park to reduce runoff to the ecological reserve.  The park improvements include: a controlled and efficient irrigation system; bluff-top landscape grading; surface drain and pathway improvements; storm drain improvements; installation of three (3) urban runoff diversion automation systems in existing Continuous Deflection Separation (CDS) units; and coastal bluff stabilization.

South Orange County Wastewater Authority Coastal Treatment Plant Export Sludge System
The work of component ten (C10) will include construction of an approximately two hundred forty thousand (240,000) gallon concrete tank along with ancillary mechanical and electrical systems and associated site improvements at the Coastal Treatment Plant that will be used to store sludge that is currently pumped through two five-(5) mile pipelines beside Aliso Creek to the Regional Treatment Plant.  The two (2) existing pipelines will be shut down due to the deteriorating condition of the pipeline material.  The new concrete storage tank will allow the future construction of only a single pipeline; sludge will be stored in the tank when the new pipeline needs to be cleaned.  The storage tank will also support trucking operations if a future disruption of pumping occurs

Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC), Water Use Efficiency Program Expansion
The work of component one (C1) of the Project will combine the SmarTimer Program with the GreenBack Program of the South Orange County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.  The Water Use Efficiency Program Expansion (WUEPE) will install approximately two thousand, four hundred fifty (2,450) “SmarTimer” irrigation controllers in new and existing residential (1,200) and commercial landscapes (1,250) through the SmarTimer program and will correct and improve landscape irrigation distribution systems for approximately two hundred ninety (290) participants through the GreenBack program using a Rebate Program format.

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