Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park - Laguna Canyon Foundation

Hike to Dripping Cave (VIEW)
Laguna Canyon Foundation

Join series host Max Borella as we hike through Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park ending at Dripping Cave.

Birding in the Dilley (VIEW)
Laguna Canyon Foundation
James Dilley Greenbelt Preserve Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park
On this hike you learn about bird watching in coastal sage and riparian habitats.

Stories in Stone (VIEW)
Laguna Canyon Foundation
In this segment we will introduce the geology of Laguna Coast Wilderness Park while hiking the Laurel Canyon Loop Hike. We will have several stops along the way that will weave 15 million years of history in a three mile hike.

Habitat Restoration on Aliso Creek (VIEW)
Laguna Canyon Foundation
This mini-doc talks about an extensive habitat restoration project along Also Creek in Orange County, California.
Ecology of Little Sycamore Canyon (VIEW)
Laguna Canyon Foundation
Join ecologist Alan Schoenherr as we take a short hike up Little Sycamore Canyon and learn how climate and geography effect the plant and animal communities.

Moulton Peak Geology Hike (VIEW)
Laguna Canyon Foundation
As we climb Moulton Peak, we will have the unique opportunity of passing through four different periods of geologic time. The rocks vividly support the changing events that took place in Aliso - Wood Wilderness Park starting about 17 million years ago with a an ocean much like our own Eastern Pacific.

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