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The Video Kiosk

Video Production and Presentation Kiosk Package

The objective of most video projects is to reach as many people as possible with your message, whether it is to inform, motivate or inspire. Featuring a video on the client’s website and other social media sites is critical and will increase SEO. However, viewers still have to search for or otherwise link to the video. This special production and presentation package increases the effectiveness of your digital media by including an attractive portable video kiosk that can be setup at events, businesses, visitor centers or any secure public space. Thus, reaching a much broader audience, including those that may not otherwise see your video online.

This package includes:

Video Presentation Production

Complete scripting, production and editing of a 3-5 minute video. Filmed on location anywhere in California. For public presentation narration is kept to a minimum using natural sounds, strong images and graphics to inspire people and convey your message.
Video Production includes
- Pre-production and scripting
- 3 days on-location high definition video production
- 24 hrs of creative editing
- Encoding and uploading for web distribution
- Web page and distribution through fieldnotes.com
- Programming for kiosk display

Video Kiosk
The custom designed deep canvas wrap print on the wood art easel catches the eye and draws people in. The video display mounted above the canvas is very visible yet out of the reach of children.

Kiosk includes:
- Attractive Wood painters easel (modified for public venues)
- 2’ x 3’ custom designed canvas wrap graphic
- 24” led video display
- 2- usb flash drives programmed with your presentation
- Optional media play for more program control
- Plus – 1000 custom designed 5x7 postcards

For more information
, pricing and options on this special package,
call 760-525-6045

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