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Torrey Pines Series - The Hidden Treasures of Torrey Pines

After you’ve been to the top of High Point, the end of Broken Hill, or around the loops of Parry Grove and Guy Fleming, perhaps you think you’ve seen all of Torrey Pines: the spring wildflowers, the sandstone cliffs, and the famous trees. There’s plenty more to be seen when you slow down and adjust your focus to the little things. Join  Docent Barbara Wallach and find some hidden treasures found just a short distance from the Lodge along the Discovery Trail, on an easy walk suitable for all: from toddlers to great-grandparents.

2011 Torrey Pines Association

Hosted by Barbara Wallach, Torrey Pines Docent
Production assistannce by Diane Greening, TPSNR Interpretive Specialist

Funding for this Wild Web Film was provided by the Torrey Pines Association
2011 Torrey Pines Association

Produced, filmed and edited by Jim Karnik Films 
 Copyright 2010 Jim Karnik Films