TITLE: A Natural Transformation

 DESCRIPTION: Wetland habitats in the United States have been severely impacted by human activity over the last 150 years, to the point that only a small percentage remain. Coastal wetlands in particular have been hit hard, resulting in potential extinction of many unique plants and animals. Great efforts are underway to conserve and restore remaining marsh habitats.

A Natural Transformation is a 30 minute video documentary that presents the story of the creation of the Tijuana Estuary Model Marsh, a 20 acre restoration/research project located in the Tijuana Estuary Reserve in Southern California. As excavation takes place interviews with biologists, planners and community activists present the many issues involved with a restoration project of this size, including: Loss of Wetlands, History of Local Land Use, Planning and Engineering
Site Selection, Surveying and Excavation, Revegetation and Natural Species Colonization

  • LOCATION: San Diego, Califronia, USA
  • CREDITS: Producer/Camera/Editor - Jim Karnik Productions
  • RUNNING TIME: 30 min.
  • FORMAT: Available on DVD only
  • SPONSOR ORGANIZATION: Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association, California Coastal Conservancy

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