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A Walk on the Wild Side
The View from the Imperial Beach Bike Trail 

Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association

In this film explore a blend of manmade and natural habitats that are easily enjoyed from the Imperial Beach portion of the San Diego Bay bike path. Take the path and see habitat restoration, birds, bay and more. Learn how man has used the bay for our own purposes and helped to restore it to its natural state.

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Hosted by
Andy Yuen - Project Manager, US Fish & Wildlife
Brian Collins - Refuge Manager, US Fish & Wildlife

Production Coordinator
Luanne Coker, SWIA Secretary

Funding Provided by
SWIA- Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association


US Fish & Wildlife Service
California Dept of Parks & Recreation
Photography - Rinus Baak/USFWS & Winand Hess

Film Code: SWIA-WF2

Produced, filmed and edited by
 Copyright 2010 Jim Karnik Films