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The Backcountry of San Dieguito River Park

San Dieguito River Park JPA

Explore the rugged and wild Backcountry of San Diego River Park from San Pasqual Valley to Vulcan Mountain. The upper Reaches of the San Dieguito River Watershed is wild and is comprised of conserved land and ranch-lands. There are remote canyons and valleys that are rich in plant and animal life. The hills and mountains of the backcountry are rugged and present obstacles that help to protect the San Dieguito watershed. Although more demanding experiences exist, the best way to explore the backcountry is on the Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve and Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve trail systems.

San Dieguito River Park, California


Hosted by
Jason Lopez, Resources an Trails Manager, San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy


Production Coordinator
Leana Bulay, SDRP Interpretive Ranger

Funding Provided by
San Dieguito River Park JPA

Film Code: SDRP-WF5

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