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Exploring Our Urban Forests at Whitman Elementary School
San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative

This film showcases Exploring our Urban Forest—A nature/school yard based curriculum at Whitman Elementary School in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). Teachers are working with a nature coordinator to implement hands-on, nature-based science curriculum using the nature in their very own school yard. This program is funded by Calfire and sponsored by San Diego Children and Nature and San Diego Science Alliance and will provide teachers with the tools to continue this method of nature- based teaching well beyond the grant funding. Our objective is to promote the use of these lessons by teachers throughout the district and to show that these lessons are easy to use, engaging, hands-on and experiential. We also want to demonstrate that any schoolyard can be used for these lessons. One tree, by itself, is considered and urban forest and can support an ecosystem made up of plants and animals.

Hosted by
Judie Lincer, Program Manager, San Diego Children and Nature Collarorative

Special Thanks
Cathy Watson
, 5th grade teacher
Marianne Watson,
5th grade teacher
and the Children of Whitman Elementary School

Judie Lincer - Program Coordinator - San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative

Produced, filmed and edited by
Jim Karnik Films

Produced for
San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative

 Copyright 2010 Jim Karnik Films