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Exploring the Rose Creek Watershed
Lower Rose Creek, San Diego

In this segment we explore Lower Rose Creek with Karin Zirk, Founder of the Friends of Rose Creek. Lower Rose Creek flows through Pacific Beach and empties into Mission Bay Park next to the Mission Bay Marshes, the last remaining salt marsh on the bay. Karin, local volunteer Roy Little and Watershed Coordinator Kelly Makley showcase efforts to restore the creekbank with native plants, discuss the importance of mudflats and salt marshes, and highlight a beautiful community art project dedicated to watershed stewardship.

The Rose Creek Watershed Alliance is part of a comprehensive effort to enhance the Rose Creek Watershed, which includes both Rose and San Clemente canyons and drains into De Anza Cove at the north end of Mission Bay. This visionary planning approach guides projects that are restoring native habitat, improving stream flows, and educating local youth so that future generations of San Diegans can enjoy the watershed’s natural beauty, biological diversity, and recreational opportunities. You can learn more about this project and recreational opportunities at rosecreekwatershed.org.

San Diego, California


Series Host
Kelly Makley, Rose Creek Watershed Coordinator

Segment Host
Karin Zirk, Friends of Rose Creek
Roy Little, Friends of Mission Bay Marshes

Production Coordinator
Kelly Makley, Rose Creek Watershed Coordinator

Funding Provided by
Department of Conservation
San Diego EarthWorks

Special Thanks:

San Diego EarthWorks
Rose Creek Watershed Alliance
City of San Diego
Department of Conservation

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