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In 2000 the California voters passed Proposition 12, the Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, and Coastal Protection Bond Act. It included a $12.5 million designated line item to support the parks and preserves in the south coast wilderness in coastal Orange County and was allocated to the California Coastal Conservancy. These California Coastal Conservancy grants were given to help educate the public, acquire more parkland and provide coastal access.

The Coastal Conservancy distributed grants to fund the following:

Additional acreage acquired for wilderness parkland                310.29 acres
Grants to Laguna Beach and Laguna Woods   

Interpretive Exhibits for Nix Nature Center                    $339,756
Grant to Laguna Canyon Foundation

Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park Signage
Grant to Laguna Canyon Foundation                        $160,000

Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park Entry
Grant to OC Parks                                $675,000

Facilitate public access to Stair Steps Trail
Grant to City of Laguna Beach                        $204,000


Hosted by
Mary Fegraus, founding Executive Director, Laguna Canyon Foundation

Produced, filmed and edited by
Jim Karnik Films

Funding for film was provided by a grant from
The California Coastal Conservancy and the 2000 State Park Bond, Proposition 12

Executive Producer
Laguna Canyon Foundation

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