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San Diego Wild Web TV
Fieldnotes San Diego

You can watch most of the wild web films in the Fieldnotes series on this special channel. You can surf through individual programs or start at any point and the series will atuomatically play just like a TV channel, only without the commercials. New programs are being added all the time.

This channel is unique to San Diego and is great for
places where people have to wait for any period such as medical and dental offices.  You can help promote this series and increase awareness of San Diego's natural diversity by telling others about it. Next time you go to the dentist or doctor let them know you would rather watch this Wild Web Series than old sitcoms.

Here are a few viewing tips:
  • VIDEO QUALITY - Videos will play in high quality HD. If the videos do not play correctly you can try turning off the HD feature by clicking the HD logo located at the lower right of the video screen.
  • FULL SCREEN - you can play the series in full screen on your computer or tv (if connected to a computer with internet access) Click on the arrow button just to the right of the HD logo.
  • Need a Kiosk or Display - Please contact me if you need help setting up a Wilderness Theater or getting this to work on your existing system.
  • Series DVDs - If you do not have internet access to your display you can request the series on DVD.

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