The California Gnatcatcher DocumentaryTITLE:

The California Gnatcatcher
and Its Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat

 DESCRIPTION: This video gives an overview of coastal sage scrub flora and fauna. Coastal sage scrub at one time covered much of the hills and mesas of Southern California but due to extensive development in the region, this unique plant community is threatened. special attention is given to the rare California Gnatcatcher, a tiny grey and black bird that is dependent on this habitat. The gnatcatcher is now listed as an endangered species. The video contains footage of the nesting cycle of the California gnatcatcher.

  • LOCATION: San Diego, Califronia, USA
  • RUNNING TIME: 28 min.
  • FORMAT: Available on DVD only
  • CREDITS: Producer/Camera/Editor - Jim Karnik Productions
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