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When it comes to natural diversity few places on Earth compare to California. From the spectacular shores of the Pacific Coast, to the rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada, from the driest desert landscapes, to the ancient rainforests of the Northwest, more than 1,200 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish share the California landscape with its ever growing human population.

Many of these species and the habitats in which they live struggle to survive the effects of natural resource overuse and direct development. As a result there are hundreds of species of native California plants and animals listed as threatened or endangered with extinction.

There are now intense efforts underway to preserve and restore these wildplaces. It's a process that requires researching and understanding ecosystems, putting laws and policies in place to prevent further loss, preserving remaining habitat, restoring damaged and degraded habitat, and educating the public on the importance of nature conservation.

Throughout California field projects are in the works to help accomplish these goals. They range from rescuing injured wildlife to multi million dollar wetland restoration projects. They may involve school children, communities, museums, universities, conservation organizations, resource agencies, and corporations.

fieldnotes.com - California is a series of 3-5 minute web video segments that cover field projects related to protecting, preserving and restoring wild places in California. The series also tells the stories of the dedicated people involved in conservation work.

fieldnotes.com - California is an effort to make quality nature conservation programming accessible to everyone with high speed internet access, and for www.fieldnotes.com to act as an on-line media resource for science and environmental educators and their students. fieldnotes.com - California provides conservation organizations, researchers and government agencies an important link through which to share their nature conservation stories.

fieldnotes.com - California covers stories about:
- Habitat research and restoration efforts
- Wildlife monitoring, protection and reintroduction
- Grassroots efforts
- Environmental and conservation solutions

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