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Science & Environmental Education Programs

Earth Discovery Institute

The mission of the Earth Discovery Institute is to conduct innovative, effective science education and conservation stewardship programs that are integrated with science-driven ecological conservation. EDI provides innovative volunteer outreach programs that are integrated with biologically sound habitat restoration programs, creating unique models of both. These efforts support the conservation efforts of multiple land management agencies as well as the San Diego County Multiple Species Conservation Program. As a result, the community enjoys healthy habitat and stewards who understand, value, participate in and advocate for environmental conservation. This film will articulate this mission and show a diverse range of participants and activities that bring the mission to life.

San Diego County, California


Hosted by
Cathy Chadwick

Production Coordinator
Cathy Chadwick

Funding Provided by
Earth Discovery Institute

Film Code: EDI-WF2

Produced, filmed and edited by
 Copyright 2010 Jim Karnik Films