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Restoration Dredging on Batiquitos Lagoon

Batiquitos Lagoon is one of the few lagoons left in Southern California. It uniquely serves as a highly visible thing of beauty, a home and nursery to thousands of birds , mammals, fish and shellfish of all kinds and a place of wonder and enjoyment for all visitors.

Lagoons by definition are shallow bodies of water connected to the ocean and to streams or rivers that bring fresh water. The ocean and the streams bring water into the lagoon but they also bring large amounts of sand and sediment that fills up the lagoon making it more and more shallow with time. Continued health of the lagoon requires regular maintenance dredging every few years. This keeps the water flow of nutrients stable and healthy.

This mini-doc tells the story of the dredging process which removes sand and sediment buildup and deposits it on Ponto Beach or the sand is used to enhance two of the least tern areas.

Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation

Produced, filmed and edited by
Jim Karnik Films
Filmed with a Canon 7D DSLR System
 Copyright 2010 Jim Karnik Films