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Basic Package Guidelines

The goal of the basic web-film production /distribution package is to provide a creative low-cost tool for communicating your message using on-line video and social media sites. To get the best results from this package I have providied the following guidelines.

CALL FOR PACKAGE RATES AND SERIES DISCOUNTS!  Call 760-525-6045 or  email for details.


1-3 Minute Mini-Doc
1. Final program length is 1-3 minutes
2. They will be filmed in high definition, providing higher quality on-line viewing and additional distribution options to broadcast cable TV.

Package includes:

  • Pre-production planning and scripting assistance
  • Location HD video documentation of an event, research activity, field project, demonstration, habitat or species.
  • On location interviews with key people and participants.
  • Creative editing using the footage and interviews filmed while on location. Finished edit will be 1-3 minutes in length. I reserve the right to edit content to fit within this limit.
  • The approval edit will be uploaded to Vimeo and is password protected. Once approved the Web-Film will be made public and can also be uploaded to YouTube and other media sites.
  • A web page with your video and links will be provided on www.fieldnotes.com.
  • You and others will be able to embed your video into websites.

Limitations & Responsibilities

  • Filming locations for this package are generally limited to San Diego County. Time and travel expenses may be additional for locations located outside this area. However, I do want to make this package available to everyone, so please contact me to discuss options and quotes.
  • Editing revisions are limited to minor changes in visuals and graphics. Major edit revisions may require additional billable hours.
  • Client is responsible for securing video release forms from all participants that may be on location the day of filming.
  • Client is responsible for acquiring location and other permits if needed.
  • Client must agree to all terms of service of the media sites to which the clients video will be uploaded and shared.


A professionally produced web film can:

Explore wild places & unique habitats
Inform about conservation & research projects
Teach human and natural history
Motivate all ages to get involved
Encourage people to volunteer and donate
Honor dedicated individuals behind efforts
Promote eco-travel adventures
Share your organization's goals and objectives
Inspire people to appreciate nature's beauty
Reach a global audience

Mini-Documentary Style

I find that nature films that are based around adventure, exploration and outdoor recreation have a greater chance of being viewed by a broader audience.  The most viewed nature films are those that explore trails and public access as a background story and in the process inform people about habitats, species and conservation topics. Another benefit to this format is that it encourages people to get out and reconnect with nature. Web Films have the added value of providing text and links so people can view maps and connect with related organizations for more information.

Since these Web-Films are very short, it's important to know exactly what you want to say before filming begins. You should be able to tell your story without a script in about a minute or so. It's also important that what you say relates to the activity being filmed. If you go off on other subjects I may not have footage to cover it and it will remain a talking head shot.

As with any good story there should be a beginning, middle and end.
The beginning should introduce the location, organization and activity.
The middle can talk about the activity,habitat, species, benefits, broader goals, accomplishments or key people.
The end should include a brief recap of the activity, talk about what's next or provide a closing statement. This is also a good time to state your call to action if you want viewers to respond in some way.
The Credits will include your contact information, logos and sponsors

Please contact me if you have questions or wish to discuss your Wild Web Film project.

Thank you.

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