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T H E   H A B I T A T S

Rocky Shore, Beach & Tide Pool

Torrey Pine Grove

Coastal Wetlands

Riparian Woodlands

Coastal Sage


Vernal Pool


Oak Woodlands

Coniferous Forest

Desert Wetland

Desert Scrub

 S P O N S O R   A   H A B I T A T
Benefits include:
Promoting awareness and appreciation
for San Diego's spectacular natural diversity
Exposure to tens of thousands of San Diego
school children, residents and visitors
Your logo & text credit on films and web  pages.

Call: 760-525-6045 for details

L I V E   P R E S E N T A T I O N

Filming the Wilds of San Diego
I have a live multimedia presentation on Filming the Wilds of San Diego available. This presentation covers numerous nature films I have produced over the last 25 years on habitats and species found in San Diego County and acknowledges some of the organizations, naturalists and biologists who made these films possible. It also demonstrates how camera and editing technology has changed over the years. This all leads up to filming this new high definition program on The Wilds of San Diego.

Check out the exhibits page for scheduled presentations or email to schedule a presentation to your group.

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The Wilds

of San Diego

A Multi Media Photography & High Definition Film Project Promoting the Natural Diversity of San Diego County

The Wilds of San Diego is a powerful campaign to increase public awareness of the beauty and natural diversity of San Diego County.

View Preview

Filming the Wilds of San Diego - Blog
Through this blog I will post production field notes, Information about habitats & species, supporting organizations, and wildlife filming.

T H E   P R O P O S A L
This is a proposal to produce, display and distribute a multi media project using digital photography and high definition films to increase public awareness and appreciation for the unique beauty of wild habitats and species in San Diego County. The series focuses on connections between wildlife, habitats and humans. The ultimate goal of this project is to reach as large an audience as possible using traveling exhibits in public places as well as web video distribution. Placing portable theaters in places where a broad spectrum of the general public congregate is key to reaching those who may not yet have an interest in nature and conservation.

T H E   F I L M S
The project consists of a series short films. Each film tells the story of a particular habitat and its key species. Segments are designed to use cinematic images, text graphics, natural sounds and limited music to communicate a sense of place and provide specific information about geography, plants, animals, and how they are connected.

The Wilds of San Diego films will be presented on self-contained mobile theaters that consist of an LCD monitor, HD media player, and graphics panel. These mobile theaters form a traveling exhibit that will tour San Diego County. Venues include: public galleries, visitor centers and large public areas such as airport corridors.

A D D I T I O N A L    D I S T R I B U T I O N
- On-line Distribution of the series to internet video and social media sites.
- Distribution of DVDs to schools, libraries, organizations, facilities that have in-house video displays such as hospitals, hotels, medical offices and banks.
- The series would be available for public access and PBS stations.
- A special website/blog will be created to take comments, discuss topics and track viewers.


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