L O S   P E N A S Q U IT O S   L A G O O N
&  I T S   W A T E R S H E D

Coastal wetlands have suffered greatly over the last 150 years. Impacts, both direct and indirect, from encroaching urban development have resulted in as much as a 90% loss of salt marsh habitat along our coast. Los Peñasquitos Lagoon is no exception. The health of this valuable wetland is constantly under pressure from year-round runoff from nearby developments that has created increased sedimentation flows into the lagoon. These flows of sediment displace valuable salt marsh habitats and choke tidal channels preventing oxygen rich ocean water from circulating throughout
the lagoon. It is this oxygen rich water from the ocean upon which the lagoon depends for the survival of many if not most of its native animals.

This program demonstrates the importance of preserving and restoring Los Peñasquitos Lagoon
for its ecologic and aesthetic value.

Location: San Diego, California

Organization: Los Penasquitos Lagoon Foundation

Running Time: 18 minutes

CREDITS: Produced, filmed and edited by Jim Karnik
Scripting & production assistance by Mike Hastings

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